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Growing Abundance Farm!

So glad you stopped by! Our farm is located in Mulberry, Arkansas. We raise/grow high-quality meat, eggs and produce for the consumer. Some of those products are then value added here on farm to provide cooked produce, meat, condiments, frozen meals, etc- straight from our farm to you.  Our focus is on foods that are free-range, sugar free, grain free or whole grain, gluten free, and/or GMO-free. 

Warm Regards,

Barbara Dene
Growing Abundance (Owner) 

Growing Abundance has free-range, GMO-free chicken and beef for sale. We also have sugar-free fruit and vegetable butter and fresh milled baked goods for sale.

We have a variety of fresh and frozen items available. We carry a variety of Growing Abundance meats as well as provide ready-to-eat items. Learn more!

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