Maine Anjou Beef Herd
Antibiotic Free, GMO free, Free Range, No added Hormones or Chips!

The Maine Anjou breed is known for its ability to develop physically on a grass diet.  Our beef is finished on a variety of grasses including Fescue, Bermuda, Clover, and Native Arkansas Growth.  

Our cattle are free to roam the pastures of the farm.  To achieve maximum efficiency, we do take advantage of electric fence to section pastures so we don't waste any grasses at peak times.  The chickens and cows give natural fertilizer that is second to none in our opinion.  Fresh well water is used instead of pond water to keep our ponds healthy and keep the cows with cool water throughout the summer.  We gather hay from our own land as well as working with our neighbors to ensure we have enough.  Our hay is analyzed before winter so we know what we are feeding.

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